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Telsim is built in such as way that it doesn’t just act as a business directory, it also improves your online presence as it is built to rank too. The site uses SEO practices to help each listing perform well in the SERPs, giving each business the opportunity to rank...

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Frequently Asked Question

Make sure you have signed in to your Telsim account before creating your ad by selecting Login/Register and providing your account details. If you don't already have an account, you can create one in a matter of minutes before posting.

It is simple to rapidly submit an ad online. However, if you want to sell your item quickly, spending some time on your ad will help it capture a buyer's attention. There are numerous approaches to creating a good classified ad. Here are some pointers from our experts: Make Attractive Titles Telsim searches rely on the keywords in your ad's title. Use comprehensive, relevant keywords to ensure that your ad shows for as many buyers as possible. Telsim allows for up to 1000 characters, so use them all.

Most customers notice photos as the initial element of an ad. Including clear, detailed images draws customers into your ad and saves you time answering questions that a photo could answer. Telsim permits up to six photos per ad. Don't be hesitant to use all of them. Photographic advice: Make use of strong lighting and clean backgrounds. Take images of your item from various angles so that purchasers can see it from all sides. The more images you take, the greater the thing you're selling.

The longevity of an advertisement is determined by its category: Ads under Property and Services will be visible for an indefinite period of time. Ads in the categories of Community, Pets, Motors, Jobs, and For Sale will be available for an indefinite period of time.